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Artist, designer, pixel manipulator.



Makeitrad is a Los Angeles based designer and pixel manipulator whose work examines finding the organic beauty of nature while being trapped in a world of technology. He often uses artificial intelligence and machine learning but also embraces ideas of randomness and noise to drive the final forms. With his incredible ability to find inspiration through the lens of a child, the result is insightful and inspiring artwork that is also vibrant, innocent, and fun.


Not Experimenting


Years of Rad Visuals


Latest Work



Evolution’s Echoes

It all began with Monochrome loops. After discovering Hicetnunc in May 2021, I quickly fell in love and started making dailies. Ultimately, I created almost 100 before breaking out of monochrome, hitting color, and later discovering Ai. The goal now is to merge my 3D work and Ai work into one.

Organic Fusion

"Organic Fusion" is a mesmerizing animated visual symphony that seamlessly blends the intricate forms of diverse biological entities, the delicate elegance of blown glass art, and the vibrant hues of coral reefs into a breathtaking choreography of shape-shifting movements.

Deserted Dreams

Deserted Dreams reflects on the universal human experiences of hope, loss, and the delicate balance between tradition and change in our pursuit of fulfillment and meaning.


The Chairs collection uses AI to create new and unexpected forms inspired by mid-century furniture designs. I love how close the machine can get to real chairs while keeping them completely abstract and non-functional. Chairs is a collaborative AI-Generated collection using Latent Imagen and Stable Diffusion. The release date is to be determined.