Exploring Noise

Times Square Billboard

I was commissioned by @creatoranch to make this piece displayed at NFTNYC 2021. It was one of my first color explorations of noise, and this series later led to my collaborations below with artist Chris Trueman.

Noise and randomness have always been driving forces in my work, and I love to take mundane static and visualize what it means. Turquoise and Yellow Noise were minted on the Tezos blockchain through the Creator Ranch app.

Trueman & Makeitrad

JULY 18, 2022 - AUGUST 27, 2022
The LCD series is a collaborative process between Chris Trueman (digital video), myself (3D design), and Eliot Lipp (sound engineering) that begins with the screen as the nexus between real and virtual. While technology marches toward further integration of the physical and digital, the majority remains separated by the thin veil of the screen.


Our first collaborative series together. The TM Series uses Chris Trueman's digital artwork as a base to create visualizations of noise in a three-dimensional way. Two pieces are currently available at WinstonWatcher Gallery.