The Collection

Co-founded with artist @TormanJeremy, Mythologicals are 1000 GAN creatures living on the Ethereum Blockchain created by a cadre of artists across the planet. The creatures represent the earliest merger of humans and artificial intelligence while establishing a connection between futuristic creation methods and the ancient creatures underlying the creation stories and mythologies of worldwide cultures and throughout time.

Guest Artists include: @RudolfBoogerman, @ai_Xerxes, @mantisgallery, @AiPhantasm, @DemzOnemusic, @mrflosunday, @InheritedPlants, @Inner_Sanctum__, @RappScallion1, @Johanezz, @nodradek, @indigoaura432, @Somnai_dreams, @NerdyRodent, @tustont, @HvnsLstAngel