The Collection

Silly Putty
My favorite thing on Sunday morning was to bust out the silly putty and stick it to the comics, transferring the toons into something pliable and new. This piece is an ode to that time. Instead of comics, the reflective chrome is transferred, which creates a mirror to self-reflect.

Magic Carpet
Playing with my action figures on the fresh shag carpet is a throwback to simpler times when all that mattered was having fun. The piece loops seamlessly, keeping in line with wanting to be a child forever.

Gumball Cereal
Looking down at my non-sugared cereal every morning, I was always sad I couldn't have Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, or something else that was colorful and exciting. This piece represents my childhood fantasies of eating candy for breakfast, and the dream still exists today.

Spidey Scales
A living, breathing art form that reminds me of playing with my neighbor's snakes growing up. This is my modern-day boa, set in a virtual world and living only in the digital realm. I created it from spheres, numbers, and my favorite superhero costume colors.